(blogmr) How to Design Nairaland In Blogmr (part.1)

Day my name is finesix, am here to show you how to design your blogmr using nairaland design, Let start first
Go to your themes,
click Template Edition then Header.html Remove all the code in heade and use the quote
below to copy it, and paste to your header.html Then change all Award6base to your blog name, change to your blog url, Then Create 2 Categories Name them Entertainment, News247,
Note that if u follow all the step above correctly you don't need to edit anything apart from. changing Award6base to your blog name
(blogmr) How to Design Nairaland In Blogmr (part.1) (blogmr) How to Design Nairaland In Blogmr (part.1) Reviewed by Award6baseMedia on December 08, 2016 Rating: 5

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